2017-06-27 Ethan NelsonAdd key_watch edit master origin/HEAD origin/master
2017-06-27 Ethan NelsonAdd object_watch edits
2017-06-27 Ethan NelsonAdd user_watch edits
2017-06-27 Ethan NelsonIgnore local file
2017-02-18 Ethan NelsonEmail notification indication
2016-09-23 Ethan NelsonRemove deprecated ini
2016-09-23 Ethan NelsonAdd sendgrid for example deploy
2016-09-22 Ethan Nelsonbump version
2016-09-22 Ethan NelsonAllow all users to create a list
2016-09-22 Ethan NelsonPush to v0.50
2016-09-22 Ethan NelsonDefault new users to member status
2016-09-22 Ethan NelsonAdd MIT license
2016-09-22 Ethan Nelsonadd sample deployment
2016-09-22 Ethan NelsonAdd sample db initialization script
2016-09-22 Ethan NelsonUpdate sample processor script
2016-09-22 Ethan NelsonHandle exception in subscriber
2016-09-19 Ethan NelsonUpdate front page
2016-09-19 Ethan NelsonImprove ui
2016-09-17 Ethan NelsonSeparate events/lists for users
2016-09-17 Ethan NelsonInclude watch priv for member
2016-09-17 Ethan Nelsoninclude userid for author
2016-09-13 Ethan NelsonUpdate permission role names
2016-09-10 Ethan NelsonUpdate list queries
2016-09-09 Ethan NelsonUpdate models to osmhm v0.43
2016-09-06 Ethan NelsonRemove deprecated script
2016-09-06 Ethan NelsonUpdate readme
2016-06-15 Ethan NelsonAdd spacing to init 0.1
2016-01-29 ethan-nelsonMinor style changes
2015-11-18 ethan-nelsonInclude update time more; closes #1
2015-11-14 ethan-nelsonInclude timestamp in key watch
2015-11-14 ethan-nelsonRegroup key watch page
2015-11-13 ethan-nelsonFirst round of clear lists
2015-11-13 ethan-nelsonLog events now dismissible; closes #4
2015-11-13 ethan-nelsonBetter handle forbidden
2015-11-13 ethan-nelsonAdd key/value tracking pages
2015-11-11 ethan-nelsonUpdating template
2015-11-10 ethan-nelsonAuth redirect -> `home`
2015-09-21 ethan-nelsonAdded full history, expanded flag definitions
2015-09-20 ethan-nelsonRefactoring and fixing
2015-09-15 ethan-nelsonChanges to README and setup.
2015-09-15 ethan-nelsonInitial commit with separated site
2015-08-18 ethan-nelsonChanges osmhm->osmhm_site
2015-08-18 ethan-nelsonFirst shot at separate site repository