2017-07-01 Ethan NelsonInclude missing keys for key notif master origin/HEAD origin/master
2017-02-16 Ethan NelsonConvert notify list to dict
2016-12-17 Ethan NelsonFix crash in notifier
2016-11-18 Ethan NelsonAdd os import to sample notifier
2016-09-23 Ethan NelsonClear memory more actively
2016-09-23 Ethan NelsonBump version to match site
2016-09-23 Ethan NelsonUpdate exception handling in notification
2016-09-22 Ethan NelsonPush to v0.50
2016-09-22 Ethan NelsonComment to-be-implemented function
2016-09-22 Ethan NelsonFix typo
2016-09-22 Ethan NelsonModularize notification function
2016-09-16 Ethan NelsonCleanup code; start docs
2016-09-16 Ethan NelsonAdd authorids to manage
2016-09-16 Ethan NelsonRemove deprecated tools
2016-09-16 Ethan NelsonUpdate license year
2016-09-16 Ethan Nelsonadd userid to authors
2016-09-06 Ethan NelsonPush to new version
2016-09-06 Ethan NelsonDefault all history off; add delay
2016-09-06 Ethan NelsonStart userid tracking; switch action type
2016-09-05 Ethan NelsonInclude user id in events
2016-08-28 Ethan NelsonRefine db storage, modularize inputs
2016-08-28 Ethan NelsonFix remaining snake case
2016-08-28 Ethan NelsonAdd watched objects with users
2016-03-25 ethan-nelsonChanging focus
2016-02-07 EthanEncode changeset username
2015-11-14 ethan-nelsonUser filter wildcard match
2015-11-13 ethan-nelsonLine spacing/tab fixes
2015-11-13 ethan-nelsonAdd key monitoring; closes #3
2015-11-10 ethan-nelsonPushing v0.4 0.4
2015-10-18 ethan-nelsonAdd license
2015-09-25 ethan-nelsonflake8 and snake_case fixes
2015-09-25 ethan-nelsonNotification and another time flag added
2015-09-25 ethan-nelsonExpanded time type to run command
2015-09-25 ethan-nelsonDocumentation expanded
2015-09-24 EthanSmall tweaks to README
2015-09-24 ethan-nelsonUpdated init with new modules
2015-09-24 ethan-nelsonAdded try/except blocks and warnings for config
2015-09-24 ethan-nelsonAdded config for notification; closes #6
2015-09-24 ethan-nelsonAdded config for database; closes #4
2015-09-23 ethan-nelsonREADME updated with status and call
2015-09-22 ethan-nelsonAdded database maintenance functions.
2015-09-21 ethan-nelsonCreated db inserts, tracking of all changesets
2015-09-20 ethan-nelsonPush to v0.3 0.3
2015-09-20 ethan-nelsonMore minor fixes
2015-09-19 ethan-nelsonMinor change to user filter call
2015-09-19 ethan-nelsonCould pg be any more obtuse?
2015-09-19 ethan-nelsonCorrected file list flag in filters
2015-09-19 ethan-nelsonIncorrect call for filters in run
2015-09-19 ethan-nelsonFix requirement for diff tool
2015-09-14 ethan-nelsonAdded details to README
2015-09-09 ethan-nelsonUpdated database calls
2015-09-09 ethan-nelsonIncreased filter coverage
2015-09-06 ethan-nelsonStarted construction of automated program.
2015-09-06 ethan-nelsonConsolidated output in fetch
2015-09-06 ethan-nelsonChanged table name in queries
2015-09-06 ethan-nelsonMinor changes to filters
2015-09-05 ethan-nelsonOverhauled fetch; implemented new tables too.
2015-09-05 ethan-nelsonAdded functions to manage watch lists
2015-09-05 ethan-nelsonAdjusted table names for watch lists
2015-09-05 ethan-nelsonAdjusted package name in setup
2015-09-04 ethan-nelsonFixed README
2015-09-04 ethan-nelsonSplit osmhm from osmdt, misc refactoring
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonUpdated README with new extraction calls
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonFixed function typo
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonSplit process into different extract functions
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonUser lookup fixes
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonUpdated README for process
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonAdded addl extracted vars in process
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonAdded swap files to ignore
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonRemoved extraneous import
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonUpdated docs with new fetch
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonUpdated init to reflect new fetch
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonRemoving fetch from diffUtil.py
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonAdded minute capability; moved current file fetch to...
2015-09-01 ethan-nelsonAdding user id extraction
2015-08-26 ethan-nelsonREADME clarification
2015-08-26 ethan-nelsonREADME clarification
2015-08-26 ethan-nelsonExample calls for README
2015-08-21 ethan-nelsonflake8 fixes for connect.py
2015-08-21 ethan-nelsonSome flake8 changes for process.py
2015-08-21 ethan-nelsonSeparated filters from process.py
2015-08-21 ethan-nelsonAdded additional functions to init
2015-08-21 ethan-nelsonflake8 fixes for diffUtil.py
2015-08-21 ethan-nelsonCorrected exception handling for userUtil request
2015-08-21 ethan-nelsonFixed userUtil issues
2015-08-21 ethan-nelsonAdded user detail lookup
2015-08-21 ethan-nelsonStandardizing diff file utils
2015-08-20 ethan-nelsonChanged misc and cleaned up fetch
2015-08-20 ethan-nelsonCleaned up fetch, reverted sequenceNumber
2015-08-20 ethan-nelsonCleaned up connect.py
2015-08-20 ethan-nelsonMinor changes to spelling, formatting
2015-08-18 ethan-nelsonCreate stand alone Python module