2016-08-28 Ethan NelsonAdd id keys to extractions master origin/HEAD origin/master
2016-02-07 ethan-nelsonStart documentation
2015-11-13 ethan-nelsonRemoved stale imports 1.0.2
2015-11-10 ethan-nelsonBump to v1.0.1
2015-09-25 ethan-nelsonRemoving lookup procedures
2015-09-25 ethan-nelsonInclude lat/lon for node extraction
2015-09-07 ethan-nelsonAdded License info 1.0.0
2015-09-07 ethan-nelsonAdded new run to README
2015-09-07 ethan-nelsonAdded overarching run function.
2015-09-04 ethan-nelsonFixed setup.py name
2015-09-03 EthanAdded pip installation method to README
2015-09-03 ethan-nelsonAdded requests requirement
2015-09-03 ethan-nelsonUpdated version
2015-09-03 ethan-nelsonUpdated README with calls, etc.
2015-09-03 ethan-nelsonConverted to snake_case, exception cleanup
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonBreaking off diff tools
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonUpdated README with new extraction calls
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonFixed function typo
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonSplit process into different extract functions
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonUser lookup fixes
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonUpdated README for process
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonAdded addl extracted vars in process
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonAdded swap files to ignore
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonRemoved extraneous import
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonUpdated docs with new fetch
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonUpdated init to reflect new fetch
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonRemoving fetch from diffUtil.py
2015-09-02 ethan-nelsonAdded minute capability; moved current file fetch to...
2015-09-01 ethan-nelsonAdding user id extraction
2015-08-26 ethan-nelsonREADME clarification
2015-08-26 ethan-nelsonREADME clarification
2015-08-26 ethan-nelsonExample calls for README
2015-08-21 ethan-nelsonflake8 fixes for connect.py
2015-08-21 ethan-nelsonSome flake8 changes for process.py
2015-08-21 ethan-nelsonSeparated filters from process.py
2015-08-21 ethan-nelsonAdded additional functions to init
2015-08-21 ethan-nelsonflake8 fixes for diffUtil.py
2015-08-21 ethan-nelsonCorrected exception handling for userUtil request
2015-08-21 ethan-nelsonFixed userUtil issues
2015-08-21 ethan-nelsonAdded user detail lookup
2015-08-21 ethan-nelsonStandardizing diff file utils
2015-08-20 ethan-nelsonChanged misc and cleaned up fetch
2015-08-20 ethan-nelsonCleaned up fetch, reverted sequenceNumber
2015-08-20 ethan-nelsonCleaned up connect.py
2015-08-20 ethan-nelsonMinor changes to spelling, formatting
2015-08-18 ethan-nelsonCreate stand alone Python module