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2017-07-08 Ethan NelsonAdd illustration span to homepage
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2017-06-29 Ethan NelsonUgh the computer wins
2017-06-29 Ethan NelsonMore minor pathing probs
2017-06-29 Ethan NelsonFix minor pathing probs
2017-06-29 Ethan NelsonRoll out initial period changing
2017-06-29 Ethan NelsonUpdate config info
2017-06-29 Ethan NelsonStart plots page
2017-06-29 Ethan NelsonCatch more mouse events
2017-06-29 Ethan NelsonStyle data
2017-06-29 Ethan NelsonUnload vector grid for now
2017-06-29 Ethan NelsonAttempt ajax change of time
2017-06-29 Ethan NelsonAdd leaflet ajax
2017-06-29 Ethan NelsonApparently input doesn't need coffee
2017-06-29 Ethan NelsonBegin map build out
2017-06-29 Ethan NelsonModify link coloring
2017-06-29 Ethan NelsonStyle index a bit
2017-06-29 Ethan NelsonUpdate header styling
2017-06-26 Ethan NelsonIgnore data directory
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2017-05-24 Ethan NelsonInclude GPCP test data
2017-05-24 Ethan NelsonMove away from vectorgrid
2017-05-22 Ethan NelsonAdd to README
2017-05-22 Ethan NelsonTesting overlay
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2017-05-19 Ethan NelsonInclude leaflet lib
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